Theresa Blissing is a leading insurance expert, futurist, and the author of “The Future of Insurance – Asia Rising.” After a decade at Generali, she transitioned in 2015 to management consulting and academic research, exploring the impact of new technologies on the insurance industry..

While based in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, she established a consulting and research practice in InsurTech and innovation and has partnered with startups and venture builders. Simultaneously, she’s remained an active educator at notable schools such as Chulalongkorn University, the Bangkok School of Management and the Singapore College of Insurance.

In 2019, Theresa co-founded the Asia InsurTech Podcast, now one of the world’s largest insurance podcasts, reaching a global audience in over 160 countries. In 2023, she further broadened her impact with a new show, InsurTech Amplified.

Currently residing in New York City, Theresa serves as an independent consultant, researcher, and public speaker.


The Future of Insurance - Asia Rising

Innovation in Insurance has been happening at an increasing pace. While developed markets like the U.S. and Europe get attention and investment dollars, with a mobile-first population and greenfield growth opportunities, Asia holds invaluable examples of the opportunities the global industry can unlock.

The Future of Insurance, Volume IV. Asia Rising, written by Asia InsurTech Podcast co-host, Theresa Blissing, focuses on how companies in different parts of Asia are defining their own future, their journeys to get there, and the lessons we can all take from their stories.

This book is not only for those that are interested in what is happening in Asia. It aims to uncover the universal truths and lessons that apply to any organization wanting to innovate. This next book in The Future of Insurance series can be inspiration for organizations around the globe.

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Lecturer & Speaker

Theresa’s expertise and thought leadership in InsurTech and insurance innovation make her an in-demand speaker for conferences, panel discussions, and educational seminars. She has been a keynote presenter at major conferences and organizations across Asia, Europe, and the United States, including Techsauce, InsurTech Insights, InsureTech Connect, Asia Insurance Review, EXEC InsurTech, and Insurance Innovator.

Moreover, Theresa’s academic engagements further validate her authority in the field. She has taught a course on Leadership at the Bangkok School of Management and has been a guest lecturer at prestigious Asian educational institutions such as the Singapore College of Insurance, Chiang Mai University Science and Technology Park, and Chulalongkorn University.

Whether it’s to impart industry insights, discuss technological disruptions in insurance, or elucidate on leadership and innovation, inviting Theresa as a speaker ensures a deeply informed, thought-provoking, and engaging presentation. Her contributions aim not only to educate but also to inspire change and innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of insurance and InsurTech.


Theresa Blissing together with Michael Waitze launched the Asia InsurTech Podcast in May 2019, a premier platform for discussing insurance technology innovation in Asia. As the first and largest Asian insurance-focused podcast, it provides a crucial platform for Asian InsurTech Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders, and Investors. 

By sharing the stories behind the industry’s most innovative organizations and the minds powering them, the podcast aims to cut through marketing buzz and identify real trends in InsurTech. Its mission is to demystify emerging technologies, empowering insurers to develop digital strategies that drive innovation and organizational change. The overarching vision? To shape the future of insurance in Asia and beyond.

Expanding their scope, Theresa and Michael launched InsurTech Amplified in July 2023, a global podcast focused on the transformative role of technology in the insurance industry. Much like its Asian counterpart, this podcast tells the stories of groundbreaking organizations and the individuals behind them, but with a worldwide perspective.

With a wide array of guests—including industry stalwarts, disruptive entrepreneurs, and thought leaders—the podcast provides a 360-degree view of how InsurTech is fundamentally altering insurance design, marketing, and sales globally.

Whether you’re an established insurance professional, an aspiring InsurTech entrepreneur, or simply curious about tech trends in insurance, the Asia InsurTech Podcast and InsurTech Amplified aim to keep you ahead of the curve.

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